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It is very rare that you come across a good hunting buddy so when you do, you want to hold on to them for as long as you can.  I first met Scott back in 1991 when both of us were in the military stationed in Alaska.  We both had a passion for hunting and enjoying the outdoors.  We did a few one day hunts, clicked and hunted every year for 17 years.  

Scott is a very methodical, meticulous driven person that never settles for second best or "just good enough".  All of our hunts were well planned out, very well executed and our success rate shows. We have taken numerous bull moose, goats, caribou and record book dall sheep over the years.  I just want to say Congrats on his recent recognition in the three mounts he entered in the Nebraska state taxidermy competition.  It comes as no surprise as I have 5 mounts in my home that he did for me in the early 90's and still looking great.  We have been on some great hunts that have been both hair raising in adventure and no threat road hunts for caribou along the Haul road.  

Scott is a true friend, hunting buddy and great family man.  My only wish is that he moves back up to Alaska so we can go on another sheep hunt so I can get another mount on my wall.

Joseph Coryell

Thanks for the outstanding work you did on my Alaskan black bear rug.  This was my first big game kill and I wanted the memory to last a lifetime.  Your attention to detail and customer service have made this a reality.  I now have a great rug that will always take me back to the moutains of Alaska.  Your knowledge of hunting and willingness to share that knowledge made my Alaskan experience the greatest adventure I have ever been on.   I hope to have more business for you in the future.  I would trust Scott with my finest trophy. 

Brian Rutlege
Arkansas, Alaska, New Mexico 

    Thanks again for the great work on the bear rug! I still get compliments whenever people come over. The attention to detail is remarkable and I cant imagine having anyone else work on my trophies. So to recap the wonderful work you have managed for me, I have the European mountain goat mount, one caribou and moose antler mount and 2 bear rugs of exceptional quality. I know these will provide a lifetime of memories every time I look at them. If anyone would like to contact me about your work they can email me at Always the top notch professional! 

Daryl Johnson

   I wanted to say thank you for an outstanding job on my Dall Sheep.  You did a ½ life size Black Bear and a Black Bear Rug that looked absolutely perfect, down to every detail.  I knew when I took a nice ram with my bow, you were the guy to trust with my dream animal.  After I got it home, I couldn’t stop looking at it for the first month and today it takes me right back to the Chugach Mountains.  That is what a great mount should do!  Congratulations on your fine artwork and thanks for everything. 

Jim Langston


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